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In a nutshell

In a nutshell

NATALIE addresses the risks posed by climate change and its impacts and proposes to advance the concepts of “ecosystem-based adaptation” in Europe combined with the climate resilient development pathways, as the means for impact driven Nature-Based Solutions (NBS), to accelerate and mainstreaming the adoption of NBS for resilience to climate change, which is also the cornerstone identified in the recent IPCC AR6 WGII Report. NATALIE will deliver innovative and practical innovations in co-creation of solutions and stakeholder engagement, modeling, testing, monitoring and validation mechanisms that will support regions and municipalities to plan and develop adaptation actions bringing along valuable knowledge and experience as actionable knowledge for adaptation and impact-driven NBS.

To achieve this goal, NATALIE will develop transformative NBS booster pack of 25 solutions (innovative actions that address the key six levers for transformative change: (1) socially acceptable, smart and financial innovative solutions; (2) societal, stakeholder and citizen engagement; (3) larger systemic solutions at regional level; (4) monitoring, evaluation and cost-benefit analysis of solutions; (5) pre-feasibility study; (6) evidence-based outcomes and recommendations.

The main goal is to accelerate and foster the mainstreaming of NBS, by forming an ecosystem-based adaptation for regional resilience. The booster Innovation Package includes innovative technical, modelling and IT solutions (including an innovative NBS Knowledge booster and digital twin), governance, policy recommendations at EU and regional levels, financing and public engagement transformative solutions. 18 NBS measures will be demonstrated at 8 case studies, in different biogeographical regions of Europe in Greece, Romania, Latvia, Canary Islands, Belgium (Flanders), France, Iceland and Italy (Veneto region), as well as 4 follower regions in Romania, the Balearic Islands, Lithuania and France.


Overall approach

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