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General presentation


The central element in NATALIE is the demonstration of nature-based-solutions (NBS) as transformative solutions to address the multiple-hazards, as well as the cascading risks, resulting from climate change.

The demonstration is organised through 8 case studies (CSs). Each case study consists of a Demonstration Site (DS) where NBS will be implemented and sometimes of a follower site where replication potential will be analysed.

Hence, in 4 out of the 8 CS, twinning activities will be organised to ensure that NBS could be replicated during or beyond NATALIE.

In 4 CS there is a twinning between the DS and a Follower Site (FL) where the outcomes from the demonstration site may be replicated either during or beyond NATALIE.

Across Europe, NATALIE will conduct 8 case studies, situated in 5 different biogeographical regions: mediterranean, continental, boreal, macaronesia, atlantic and arctic.

These regions are located in Greece, Romania, Latvia, the Canary Islands, Flanders (Belgium), France, Iceland, and the Veneto region of Italy, as well as 4 follower regions: Romania, the Balearic Islands, Lithuania, and France.

The total of 12 sites (8 DS and 4 FL) share common environmental challenges today or in a near future due to the impact of climate change, such as flooding, drought, forest fire, landslides or algae blooming, 

NATALIE CS MapDS#1 - "Lelantine Plain" (Greece)DS#2 - "Vacaresti Natural Park" (Romania)FL#2 - "Bucharest Children World Park" (Romania)DS#3 - "Zemgale Region" (Latvia)FL#3 - "Lithuania" (Lithuania)DS#4 - "Canary Islands" (Spain)FL#4 - "Baleares" (Spain)DS#5 - "Blue Horizon Limburg" (Belgium)DS#6 - "Vienne river" (France)FL#6 - "Grand Est" (France)DS#7 - "Arctic" (Norway)DS#8 - "Venice" (Italy)CS#1 - Flood and Wildfire risk mitigation in GreeceDS#1 - "Lelantine Plain" (Greece)CS#2 - Fresh water habitat restoration in urban ecosystem, Romania in RomaniaDS#2 - "Vacaresti Natural Park" (Romania)FL#2 - "Bucharest Children World Park" (Romania)CS#3 - Constructed wetlands in Latvia and LithuaniaDS#3 - "Zemgale Region" (Latvia)FL#3 - "Lithuania" (Lithuania)CS#4 - Alternative water management solutions in Spanish archipelagosDS#4 - "Canary Islands" (Spain)FL#4 - "Baleares" (Spain)CS#5 - Water reuse and aquifer recharge in BelgiumDS#5 - "Blue Horizon Limburg" (Belgium)CS#6 - Aquatic system restoration and water management in FranceDS#6 - "Vienne river" (France)FL#6 - "Grand Est" (France)CS#7 - Coastal management with NBS in IcelandDS#7 - "Arctic" (Norway)CS#8 - River restoration and sustainable management in ItalyDS#8 - "Venice" (Italy)

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