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CS#7 - Coastal management with NBS in Iceland


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This case study consists of a Demonstrator Site. It does not have any Follower Site.  


DS#7 - "Arctic" (Iceland)

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The demonstration site, the East Fjords in Iceland, constitutes several fjords in the east of Iceland: Seyðisfjörður, Norðfjörður, Eskifjörður, Reyðarfjörður, Fáskrúðsfjörður and Djúpivogur. This is a rural/coastal area of deep fjords surrounded by high and steep mountains (biogeographical type­: Arctic) with an approximate area of 23,000 km².

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Description of area

Description of the area

The selection of regions for this project is based on regions within East Iceland that are already monitored due to flood risk, avalanches, mudslides, and hydrological conditions leading to overflowing rivers. These areas encompass Seyðisfjörður, Norðfjörður and Reyðarfjörður (which also includes the smaller Eskifjörður). Furthermore, the analysis will encompass Berufjörður and Djúpivogur which house the sole salmon slaughterhouse in the East.


Climatic Challenges

The following issues, resulting from climate change, challenge the region and its economic activities: sea level rise, flooding, landslides, avalanches and algae blooming.

Planned activities

Planned activities

The work in NATALIE is centred around the development of accurate mathematical models for hazard detection, the identification of combinations of suitable NBS that lead to better robustness, recovery and adaptability to the hazards following from climate change. Furthermore, models to map the consequences of the implementation of these NBS will be developed.

The NBS target the following objectives:

  • NBS as effective conservation strategies: coastal protection and sustainable seafood production habitat suitability for flora and fauna,
  • NBS for sustainable harvesting of seafood from fisheries and aquaculture,
  • NBS for safeguarding local communities from natural hazards.


Ambition during the project 

To develop accurate mathematical models for hazard detection and mapping consequences of the implementation of NBS. To identify and develop suitable NBS for the area that are inclusive of traditional knowledge from local communities.


Ambition after the project 

To protect the nature, environment and the communities in the East Iceland region.



Involved partners

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